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Soft customized sports guard works well for your daily sports needs. Avoid unintentional injuries to teeth and supporting structures. Customized guards are effective compared to stock sports guards as they are more adaptive and give optimal protection. Our experts will give you the right prescription for the sports guard depending on the nature of activity and usage.


Sports are catching up and great to see more Indians are spending time in sports activities. Many of the sports have a high risk of physical damage. Tooth wear or tooth substance loss is becoming an increasingly common problem in the athletic group of people. Such sports activities are found to be responsible for the majority of oral trauma. A lot of money is spent in treating dental trauma and injuries caused due to sporting accidents. However, most of us are unaware of the trauma from such accidents and the benefits of wearing sports guards in preventing such damages. Custom-made mouthguards are effective for preventing injuries and are proven effective when compared to Stock sports guards.

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