• February 23, 2021
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Covid Cracked Teeth

Covid Cracked Teeth

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Dentists across the globe have reported a significant raise in the incidence of cracked teeth since pandemic outbreak.
In America dentists are seeing 2 to 5 cracked tooth complications every day. While we do not have data for India, the situation is similar here as well.

How does pandemic affect ones teeth?

Pandemic has inflicted a variety of stress and anxiety. This has led to an increase in what is known as Bruxism.
Bruxism means grinding or clenching ones teeth unconsciously during the day or night.
As people get more anxious, they grind their teeth without realising it. This has led to many cases of cracked teeth patients reaching out to Dental clinics. Amongst people working long hours on computers, the signs of bruxism have been significantly higher owing to excessive work hours, work load and poor posture.

Types of Cracked teeth

Craze lines in enamel
Fractured cusp
Cracked tooth
Split tooth
Vertical root fracture

When teeth are subjected to excessive biting forces due to clenching, grinding or a sudden impact the teeth tend to crack or fracture at different levels.

How does cracked teeth affect you?

Symptoms of cracked teeth may vary from dull gnawing ache to an acute uncontrollable pain.
Along with cracked teeth, pain around jaw joints can also be observed due the effect on the later due to clenching.

As a preventive measure Dentists are advising to use tooth guards or similar appliance to reduce the affect of stress and anxiety on the teeth and jaw joints. Once diagnosed the treatments vary from monitoring the tooth, filling, root canal treatment or removal of the tooth. A tooth guard designed to your teeth impression is a great preventive care to avoid flattened teeth or teeth crack. Check out our blog on tooth guard to know more about the steps involved in preparing a custom designed tooth guard, types of tooth guard and benefits.