• April 25, 2021
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Diabetes and Oral health

Patients with high blood sugar are prone to developing dental problems. Uncontrolled diabetes weakens the white blood cells which is the main defense system against the microorganisms which cause gum diseases.

About 86 percent of diabetic patients in India have periodontal diseases in different forms and severity.

Studies have shown manifestations of periodontal diseases and its severity to be higher in type 2 diabetic patients. Poor oral hygiene adds to the complications.

Some of the consequences of poor oral hygiene in diabetic patients are as follows

Tooth decay
Moderate to severe periodontitis
Oral thrush
Dry mouth

Preventive dental check ups. Regular hygiene visits and proper hygiene habits will not only reduce the progression of oral conditions but also reduce blood sugar levels. It is important to be monitored professionally to maintain optimal oral health and address early signs of diseases rather than manage complications. Please consult your dentist for regular check up.